7ANT Controller

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Modular 7 ANT RX switch with controller(Edit)

  • This controller allows you to control:
    • Modular 7 ANT RX switch - link
    • One antenna switch (RX) Output = One controller
    • Internal BPFs (160, 80, 40m)
    • Preamplifier
    • Front-End RX protection
    • RX way switch (TX or RX antenna)

Controller description(Edit)

  • 1 - Antenna port switch: 1 to 7 and OFF
  • 2 - Antenna port LED indication
  • 3 - Band Pass Filters and Bypass (160, 80 and 40m)
  • 4 - Preamplifier On/OFF with LED indication
  • 5 - Fast manual switch for RX antenna (see below)
    • - Red LED (TX) means PTT ON.
    • - Green LED (RX/TX) means RXing from TX antenna
    • - Green LED (RX) means RXing from RX antenna port

RX ANT WAY switch(Edit)

  • There are two ways how to connect your RX antenna controller to your TRX (RX).
    • 1. Using RX antenna port on your TRX. Example
    • 2. Using TX ANT port on your TRX and switch antennas in the controller. Example

Add 1:


Add 2:

TX signal way during TXing:

  • You can use internal RX antenna switch.
    • this is ideal for TRX without RX only antenna port
    • also for the rest TRX for fast RX antenna switching
    • switching between TX antenna and RX antenna
  • If you want to use this feature you MUST use PTT IN to control relay for TX antenna!
  • There is easy PTT loop on rear panel with two RCA connectors.
    • PTTcontrol works only in sniffer mode.
  • PTT can continue to your PA over this box.
    • also when the controler is OFF
    • compatible with 5V PTT logic (as OM-power PAs)

NOTE: PTT must be used!!!

  • RX SOURCE knob for fast switching of the RX way

NOTE: RED LED TX must light ON when you TX PTT!!!


  • There are high voltage and current protections on many places:
    • At the input ANT ports in the Switch. (also in Splitter)
    • At the input of the controller.
    • Input and output of the internal PCB board with BPFs and preamp.
    • Output to TRX. When you forget to connect PTT and transmit into RX way. The protections should do its job with the power up to 150 - 200W.


  • There are two ACC connectors
    • RJ45 and SUB-D
    • First 8 wires are the same.

NOTE: RJ45 is NOT LAN connection!!!

Internal BPF and preamp PCB(Edit)

Preamplifier GAIN(Edit)

  • With the variable ATT you can set gain of the Preamp as you need.
  • Range is 0 to 17 dB
  • bigger picture

Preamplifier BIAS(Edit)

  • With this trimmer you can set right bias for the transistor.
  • Bias vs IP3 and gain parameters are there: OK2ZAW's blog spot
  • recomended bias is 60 to 85 mA for 13 V+
  • bigger picture

BPF bypass(Edit)

  • You can use one of three BPF (160, 80 or 40m) or you can ByPass it for wideband operation
  • Controller by switch on the front panel - number 4 on controller
  • bigger picture

BPF 160M(Edit)

BPF 80M(Edit)

  • 80M BPF selected by controller.
  • NOTCH filters are included, nulls 160 and 40m.
  • Switch on the front panel - number 2 on controller
  • bigger picture

BPF 40M(Edit)

  • 40M BPF selected by controller.
  • NOTCH filter is included, nulls 80m.
  • Switch on the front panel - number 3 on controller
  • bigger picture