Modular 7ANT RX switch

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This is modular 7 RX antenna switch. It allows you tu use up to 7 independant RX antennas (beverages, Bi-dir beverages, RX loops etc.). You can use just one board for single RX output or up to three boards for three independant RX. Also ANT ports can be open or connected tu dummy load. There is 50 or 75 ohms one and also LC BPF isolation for that for multi stations and Bi-dir beverages with two outputs. You can use controller with BPFs and preamp, protections and RX way switching. Also two independant RX per band is possible with optional 7 ANT RX SPLITTER.

This is ideal solution for Single OP through SO2R to Multi-Multi, with up to 2 independant RX per band!


  • Splitting up to 7 RX antennas into TWO RX
  • With the modular 7ANT RX switch you can have TWO independant RX on each band!


  • Very important thing!
    • Splitter can be switched ON and OFF - for every port independently !!!
    • without power supply, splitter is OFF - signal from ANT goes to RX1 - see picture
    • with supply voltage (+ 12 V) splitter is ON and signal is splitted from ANT port to RX1 and RX2
    • You can switch ONLY some splitters ON!

  • NOTE: Every ANT port does have own splitter! You can switch splitters only on some ports! Without supply voltage there is only bypassfrom ANT to RX1 port!


  • Set right impedance !
    • with jumpers you can set right impedance of splitter - 50 or 75 Ohms
    • for every port independant!
  • bigger PCB