Modular 7ANT RX switch

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Quick Start Guide(Edit)

This is modular 7 RX antenna switch. It allows you to use up to 7 independant RX antennas (beverages, Bi-dir beverages, RX loops etc.). You can use just one board for single RX output or up to three boards for three independant RX (on different bands). Unused ANT ports can be open or connected to the dummy load. There is 50 or 75 ohms one and also LC BPF isolation for the splitter or the Bi-dir beverages with two outputs. You can use controller with BPFs and preamp, front end protections and RX way switching. Also two independant RX per band are possible with optional 7 ANT RX SPLITTER.

This is ideal solution for Single OP through SO2R to Multi-Multi, with up to 2 independent RX per band!

How to use this RX antenna switch(Edit)

  • This is almost classic antenna switch with high insulation. What is more complicated there are the dummy loads, which are there for:
    • Bi-directional (reversible) beverage antenna with both directions output. link Allows you to share both direction through bands and RX.
    • If you want to use TWO INDEPENDANT RX on each band. Than you need middle box - Splitter. link And it needs right impedance on the ports which are not used.
  • When you use any other antennas and there is no splitter - than you can leave ports open.
  • Have a look here:

NOTE: TWO coax output beverage antenna works right only, when both ports are loaded with right impedance on the same band. It means that you cannot leave second port open or short! Also if you use first port on 160m and second on 80m than second port have to have load impedance on 160m and first port on 80m. link

NOTE: all outputs are wideband - simply BPFs work only for the dummy loads

Schematic and PCB(Edit)

Single Operator - All bands(Edit)

  • Configuration with one PCB board in the switch PICTURE
  • One controller
  • Up to 7 RX antennas
  • For most of RX antennas you can leave JUMPER LC-R OPEN
  • If you want to use Bi-Dir beverage(s) with two coax outputs, than switch JUMPER LC-R to R and Dummy load to 50 or 75 Ohm.
  • There is one Bi-Dir beverage antenna with two coax output connected to ANT1 and ANT2 ports on the switch. If you want to obtain the best parameters of this reversible antenna, than the second port (which is not in use) must be loaded with right impedance (50 or 75 Ohm depends on the design) schematic pic
  • The rest ANT ports on the switch are used for another RX antennas like loops, classic single wire beverage etc. This ports can stay OPEN.

  • Example of jumper configuration for the Example situation:
    • ANT1 and ANT2 has got Jumpers in position R and 50 = Wideband 50 Ohm on this ports when they are unused.

  • SWR for ANT port with jumper configuration: R + 50
    • In our example it is port ANT1 and ANT2
    • When the port is not used, the dummy load is connected (50 or 75 Ohm / 2W with the protections)
  • bigger pic

Single Operator 2 RX (SO2R) / Multi Operator 2 RX - without Bi-Dir beverage(Edit)

  • There are two switch PCBs in the box. PICTURE
  • There is NO antenna which needs dummy load for the right work. So all ports can stay OPEN = Jumpers LC-R are OPEN.
  • All OUTPUTs are ALL bands so you can use controllers on ALL bands too.

Do not use controllers on THE SAME band. This is not recommended - use two switches and middle splitter.

SO2R / Multi operator - with Bi-Dir beverage (Edit)

  • There are three switch PCBs in the box. PICTURE
  • Each board must be single band

**First, close to connectors is 160m, middle 80m and top 40m.

  • There is Bi-Dir beverage two coax output antenna on ANT1 and ANT2. This antenna needs dummy load for the right work. So ports ANT1 and ANT2 need Jumpers LC-R to LC and dummy load to 50 or 75 Ohm
  • OUTPUTs are now ONLY single band!

Follow the band lables under connectors outputs on the box.

  • JUMPERS for Bi-Dir antenna must be in LC and dummy load to 50 or 75 Ohm

FIRST board (with 160m LC)

  • This is SWR on the ANT port which is NOT used. Jumpers are configured to: LC and 50Ohm.
    • You can see that the antenna port has got good SWR only on 160m. Rest FQ are on High Impedances...

FIRST (with 160m LC) + SECOND (with 80m LC) + THIRD (with 40m LC) BOARDS TOGETHER

  • All three boards are connected.
  • Jumper setting is: LC + 50Ohm
  • You can see nice SWR on that three bands.
  • You can imagine it like the antenna is looking into almost 50Ohm impedance.
    • For Bi-Dir beverage with two coax output it means, that if the antenna port on some band is not used, dummy load is connected and antenna works like it should.

Two independant RX on bands(Edit)

  • RX antennas switch for Single / multi op DXing and contesting.
  • With the 7ANT RX splitter you can have TWO independant RX on each band!