Open interface III

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ATMEGA2560 pinout(Edit)

Arduino pins connect to in/out Note
RX0 USB in cw keyer
TX0 USB out or firmware upload
D2 paddle Left in pull-up external, Interrupt 0
D3 LCD-E out Interrupt 1
D4 CW tone out
D5 paddle Right in pull-up external
D6 LCD-D4 out
D7 LCD-D5 out
D8 LCD-D6 out
D9 LCD-D7 out
D10 Ethernet SCS out
D11 CW1 out
D12 CW2 out
D13 PTT1 out
TX3 ACC pin3 out
RX3 ACC pin2 in
TX2 CAT out sniff or
RX2 CAT in request
TX1 Internal conn out Interrupt 5
RX1 Internal conn in Interrupt 4
D20 PTT foot in pull-up external, Interrupt 3
D21 Interlock in pull-up external, Interrupt 2
D22 PTT2 out
D23 Encoder-B in pull-up internal
D24 Encoder-A in pull-up internal
D25 PTT3 out
D26 ACC pin7
D27 WinKey out
D28 ACC pin8
D29 AFSK out
D30 ACC pin9
D31 PTT-PA out
D32 ACC pin10
D33 FSK detector in pull-up external
D34 ACC pin11
D35 ACC pin12
D36 MENU in pull-up external
D37 PTT-232 in pull-up external
D38 ACC pin13
D39 self reset out
D40 Sequencer out
D41 FSK out keying from arduino
D42 BCD1 out
D43 BCD2 out
D44 BCD3 out
D45 BCD4 out
D46 - BUG - must be LOW
D47 ACC pin6
D48 ACC pin5
D49 ACC pin4
D50 MISO out
D51 MOSI out
D52 SCK out
D53 microSD CS out
A0 -
A1 Memory button in pull-up external
A2 LCD-RS out
A3 ACC pin14
A4 ACC pin15
A5 microSD plug in pull-up internal
A6 measure 3.3V in
A7 measure input voltage in up to 38V DC
A8 ACC pin16
A9 ACC pin17
A10 ACC pin18
A11 ACC pin19
A12 -
A13 -
A14 -
A15 -