Rotator calibrate remotely

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Because all rotator serial ports export to TCP/IP, available communication remotely via telnet, without arduino GUI. This way available for remotely command or calibrating procedure. Rotator one export to port 91, two on 92, etc. - see section ser2net conf on status page

Example communication:

telnet 91
Connected to
Escape character is ']'.
R Rotate Azimuth Clockwise
L Rotate Azimuth Counter Clockwise
A Stop
C Report Azimuth in Degrees
M### Rotate to ### degrees
MTTT XXX XXX XXX ... Timed Interval Direction Setting  (TTT = Step value in seconds, XXX = Azimuth in degrees)
T Start Timed Interval Tracking
N Report Total Number of M Timed Interval Azimuths
X1 Horizontal Rotation Low Speed
X2 Horizontal Rotation Middle 1 Speed
X3 Horizontal Rotation Middle 2 Speed
X4 Horizontal Rotation High Speed
S Stop
O Offset Calibration
F Full Scale Calibration
Rotate to full CCW and send keystroke...

Wrote to memory
Rotate to full CW and send keystroke...

Wrote to memory

Quit with command Ctrl] quit