VHF-UHF - LNB 10GHz external reference

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This is the 10 GHz Low Noise Block (LNB) modified for external 25 MHz reference for internal PLL. This signal is feeded by the same one coaxial cable as IF down. Special small Bias Tee box with TCXO or 10 MHz reference signal works as DC injector and also 25 MHz Source for LNB. There is also variable attenuator for IF signal which allows you to change IF signal from 0 to maximum. You can still switch between V and H polarisation by supply voltage.


Bias tee LNB BOX(Edit)

  • Small box works as DC bias tee, 25 MHz source for LNB, variable ATT and protections.
  • Allows you to supply DC voltage and 25 MHz reference for PLL of LNB over one coax.
  • You can use internal TCXO with 0,2 ppm or some 10 MHz reference signal.
  • You can switch H and V polarisation
  • Protections DC and RF !
  • Variable Attenuator !

Signal source TCXO or 10MHz reference IN(Edit)

Two way splitter(Edit)

  • You can you 2-way splitter to split reference 10 MHz signal from source to LNB and another device like SDR, TRX etc

POTY dual band antenna adapter(Edit)

  • PETG UV stable material
  • 22 mm Cu pipe size

  • Use tape to waterproof it.