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3D print rotator (revision 2023)

Source files on GitHub
Printables mirror

I include the source file in OpenScad and several preset exports, in dimensions S, M, MS, XL. Size M is recommended, MS reduced for Prusa MK3 and MK4 printers. I also include the following data for each dimension:

  • BOM
  • Steel cover .DXF
  • .STL files
  • .3mf preset

It can be controlled via a web interface, using electronics Simple rotator interface V.

Torque test M size


Max torque 2200 kg/cm (215 N/m) without destroy

Printed parts

You can use 3D printing to order, for example at


Printed parts
Prefered black PETG filament
13 pieces
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-64.jpg Top cover 4mm thick from stainless steel
By .DXF file from GitHub depending on the size

You can order online at
1 piece
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-56.jpg M3 x 6mm, allen head, stainless steel 3 pieces
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-57.jpg M3 x 10mm, allen head, stainless steel 11 pieces
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-58.jpg M3 nuts, stainless steel 8 pieces
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-59.jpg M4 x 16 mm, allen head, stainless steel 32 pieces
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-60.jpg M4 nuts, stainless steel 6 pieces
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-62.jpg Smoothed axis 8mm (length according to size, see bom on GitHub) 4 pieces
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-61.jpg 1.9mm thick (critical size!) metal washer, Inner diameter 8.5 mm, Outer diameter 23 mm 7 pieces
M8 x 100 mm 4 pieces
M8 nuts 4 pieces
Universal transparent silicone sealant 100g
Azimuth potentiometer Bourns 3547S-1AA-102A 1 piece
Motor from PARKSIDE PBSA 12 D4 drill 1 piece
2x 1.5mm wires, 20 cm long 1 piece
3x 1.5mm wires, 40 cm long 1 piece
crimping ends for guides 5 pieces
Universal lubricant 200g
3D print box for Simple Rotator Interface V. electronics (optional)
Mounted in step 16
1 pieces


remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-63.jpg Drill 8,2mm
Drill machine
Allen key 2mm
Allen key 2,5mm
Key 5,5mm
Key 7mm
Solder station
Crimping tool
remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-65.jpg Set for cutting threads M4
Protective gloves for applying lubricant

Assembly manual, step by step

  1. Before disassembly drill tool for extract motor, set the gear ratio to 1 (slow), and the torque to maximum (drill) remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-01.jpg
  2. Remove the two U-shaped springs from the battery space
    remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-02.jpg remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-03.jpg
  3. Unscrew the seven screws, remove the chuck and open cover remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-05.jpg
  4. Sign polarity on the motor (+ on red wire)
  5. Solder 20 cm of power cable with crimped ends remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-07.jpg
  6. The wago terminal block is suitable for general use, for the connection of the Simple Rotator Interface V. use the prescribed connector
    remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-08.jpg remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-09.jpg
  7. Make sure the gear ratio stick is set to the slow position
  8. Insert the motor into the half of the printed plastic housing 8.stl
  9. The orientation of the motor can be seen in the photo. The plastic wheel in the middle is facing up. remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-13.jpg
  10. Again make sure the gear ratio stick is set to the slow position
  11. Apply silicone sealant around the entire perimeter of the plastic holder
    Fix the gearbox spring in the slow position with silicone remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-15.jpg
  12. Close the motor using the second pulley of the plastic motor holder, and secure with a minimum of four M3x10 screws with a lock nut on each side remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-16.jpg
  13. Install three M3x6 screws around the perimeter so that they do not collide with the three protrusions from step 8. Tighten very sensitively, the screws do not have metal nuts, but screw directly into the plastic.
  14. Press the 6.stl gear onto the motor shaft so that the side holes are directly against the depressions in the motor shaft. Then screw three M3x10 screws into the hole - screw in sensitively and stop as soon as the resistance increases - it is screwed directly into the plastic. We recommend applying secondary glue to the plastic hole before inserting the screw.
  15. Attach the entire motor body to the rotator 7.stl main tank using four M4x16 screws with lock nuts remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-19.jpg remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-20.jpg
  16. If you will use the Simple Rotator Interface V. to control the rotator, screw its printed box with two M4x16 screws directly to the plastic body of the rotator
  17. In the next step, drill out the axes of the plastic parts number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9, with a drill with a diameter of 8.2 mm, so that they rotate freely on a smooth axis with a diameter of 8 mm.
    remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-22.jpg remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-23.jpg
  18. Fit the four smoothed axes into the rotator body remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-24.jpg
  19. You put the metal washer on the central axis, and the low ring from the 9.stl on the opposite axis of the motor remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-25.jpg
  20. Now you will fit the gears. Apply universal lubricant to them before putting them on remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-26.jpg
  21. Place gear number five on the central axis, and the metal washer on the opposite axis of the motor remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-27.jpg
  22. The previous picture has the center gear turned backwards. Turn the bottom gear so that the V slot on the top faces the next gear above it. Then put gear number 4 on the axis opposite to the motor so that its V slot is facing the center axis, and slide the metal washer onto the center axis. remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-28.jpg
  23. On the two free axes, you put on the higher printed washers of the 9th stl and on all the outer axes, you put on three metal washers. remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-29.jpg
  24. Detail of the orientation of the cogwheels, including the V-groove
  25. Before fitting other gears, don't forget to lubricate them with universal grease
  26. Place the 3.stl gear on the center axis so that the V splines point to the surrounding axes
  27. Place the three 2.stl gears on the edge of the axle so that the number marking points to the center axle remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-33.jpg
  28. Detail of mutual position
  29. Place the metal washer on the center axis remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-37.jpg
  30. Insert four M8 screws into gear 1.stl
  31. Place the 1.stl gear on the center axis remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-39.jpg
  32. Now screw the three-step potentiometer to part 12.stl, with orientation according to the picture.
  33. Using a vice, very carefully press the 11.STL gear onto the potentiometer shaft as shown in the picture remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-41.jpg
  34. Solder three 0.5mm^2 wires, 20cm long, to the potentiometer. Crimp the ends with end caps remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-42.jpg
  35. Cut M4 threads into the three holes of the main stainless steel plate as shown in the picture remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-44.jpg
  36. Set the azimuth potentiometer to the center position, and screw it to the main stainless plate using two M4x16 screws, plus nuts.
    remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-45.jpg remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-46.jpg
  37. Push the wires through the body of the rotator - pay attention to the orientation - they belong to the tunnel located below remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-47.jpg
  38. Place the main stainless steel plate on the rotator body so that the outer axes pass through the plate outwards and secure 21 M4x16 screws. Tighten the screws sensitively, they are cut directly into the plastic remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-48.jpg
  39. Apply silicone sealant to the perimeter groove of part 10.stl remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-49.jpg
  40. And screw it with three M4x16 screws to the main stainless plate remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-50.jpg
  41. apply a small amount of silicone sealant to the center wheel and then slide part 13.stl onto it remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-51.jpg
  42. Now the rotator is complete, ready for use remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-52.jpg
  43. An example of using a rotator under a mast remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-54.jpg
  44. remoteqth.com_img_wiki-3d-rot1-55.jpg
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