4SQ-8DIR antenna system

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The four-square phased-vertical array if used by many contesters and DXers for oreration on the low bands. This construction modify a conventional four-square to provide eight directions of fire instead of the normal four. This another four directions are located at points which are mid-way between the existing four. Total of eight selectable beam-headings spaces 45deg apart. When beaming through a corner (as in conventional four-square) the current in the two middle elements lags that of the rear element by 90deg, while the current in the front element lags that of the rear element by 180deg. When firing through the sides of the square, there are two front elements and two rear elements. Now the currents in the front elemets lag those of the rear elements by 90deg.

This is 4 Square 8 Direction antenna system. Based on K3LC design

Please read this great article about 4-SQ by Franz DF6QV.

Photos by Carsten Dauer and Lucik

Used by:

OL7M, ON4UN, CN3A, A44A, SP3GEM, D4C and others

Main functions:

RF hybrid box:



4SQ-8DIR system includes:


Example of 160M HP version:


160M dir NW

160M dir N

Example of 80M HP version:

80M for John ON4UN dir NW

80M for John ON4UN dir S

80M dir NOTRH

80M dir NE


80M dir NW

Example of 40M HP version:

40M for A44A: NO ANT

40M for A44A: dir SW

40M for A44A: dir W

Used by:

ON4UN, CN3A, A44A, SP3GEM, and others


4SQ-8DIR system
Manual in WiKi MANUAL
4SQ-8DIR RF hybrid ver. 0.5 sch pcb KiCAD164
CONTROLLER front panel ver. 0.3 sch pcb KiCAD108
CONTROLLER conector PCB ver. 0.3 sch pcb KiCAD116
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