RX Antennas, splitters, switches, accessories:

Modular 7ANT RX switch

This is ideal solution for Single OP through SO2R to Multi-Multi, with up to 2 independant RX per band!

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classic single wire beverage

Classic single wire beverage

Single wire beverage with 50/75 Ohm feeder + variable terminator (3 values)

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7 RX antennas splitter

This is the box which allows you to split (up to 7) RX antennas to 2 RX. You can take advantage of this for 2 independant RX on band(s).

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K9AY++ RX ANT system with controller

K9AY feeder with 3 BPFs and preamp. With variable or fixed Rload resistor. WITH controller.

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2-way splitter

2-way RX splitter/combiner

RX antenna splitter/combiner

Broadband: 0.1 MHz to 60 MHz

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K9AY simply FEEDER

Basic K9AY feeder with fixed or variable Rload as KIT or assembled. WITHOUT controller

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4-way beverage system

4-way beveage system

4 directions over one coax with the pair of the Bi-directional beverages. With controller: BPFs, preamp, protections and much more!

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4-way switch

4-way switch for Bi-Directional beverages

4 directions over one coax with pair of Bi-directional beverages

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two wire beverage

Bi-directional Two wire Beverage

One coax switchable or two coax version KIT

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Top band beverages and wire antennas acessories

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classic single wire beverage

Common-mode current choke

Common-mode current insulator, one to three ports

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preamp module

Preamplifier module

High IP3 preamp with 2N5109, variable ATT and bypass relays

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Can remote controled with:


RemoteQTH Server

Great Linux features for everyone.
Powered on RaspberryPI, web interface and much more.
Last build: August 08 2015.

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multi rotator

Remote manual IP switch

Intuitive realtime control remote switching.

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web switch

WEB 63 relay switch for Arduino

Web based control up to 63 relays via ethernet.

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