Top band beverages and wire antennas acessories


There are the screw insulators which we use at the OL7M contest station to build the unidirectional and bidirectional BVRG. It is suitable to be mounted on the poles and posts, or directly into the trees themselves. Furthermore, the plastic antenna insulators which can be used for the dipoles and wire antennas.

Insulator for beverages
(single wire)
25 pcs 20 EUR 22 EUR

50 pcs 32 EUR 35 EUR
2-wire switchable direction
beverage insulator
10 pcs (pair) 27 EUR 31 EUR

22 pcs (pair) 46 EUR 52 EUR
Heavy Duty plastic egg insulator
for dipoles and wire antennas
30 pcs 32 EUR 35 EUR

60 pcs 53 EUR 57 EUR
Standard plastic insulator
for dipoles and wire antennas
40 pcs 29 EUR 32 EUR

80 pcs 50 EUR 55 EUR

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