Bias Tee BOX by Jan OK2ZAW

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A bias tee is used to insert DC power into an HF signal to power remote antenna amplifiers or other devices. It is usually positioned at the receiving end of the coaxial cable to pass DC power from an external source to the coaxial cable running to powered device. A bias tee consists of a feed inductor to deliver DC to a connector on the device side and a blocking capacitor to keep DC from passing through to the receiver. Bias tees are used in a variety of applications, but are generally used to provide an RF signal and (DC) power to a remote device where running two separate cables would not be advantageous.

Main functions:



The measured values

ATT OFF: SWR, insert loss

ATT set to 10dB: SWR, insert loss


Bias Tee BOX
Schematic and board V 0.1: sch brd
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