Ferrites offer


We offer you NEW ferrite beads. There are three types. It can be used in order to suppress or filter the amount of high frequency electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise found in electronic circuits or as Common-mode chokes - 1:1 antenna balun. In next weeks we would like some more hints how to use it.

Applications for Ferrite Beads:

Ferrite beads can be used for the removal of power line noises in cellular phones, PCs, TV tuners, audio players, DVDs, game machines, digital photo frames and several other electronic circuits.

Ferrite clamp - KGS TFCK 16-8-16
Diameter Inner Outer Length Impedance Frequency
7,2mm 19,8mm 17,9mm ≥75 ohm 100 MHz .pdf585 Sold out
Ferrite core with plastic casing - FT-25M533-CTY
14mm 25mm 12mm 50 ohm 100 MHz graph Sold out
Tip usable as Common mode current choke for RX cables
Ferrite core PANASONIC DTG - KR16TT261329
13mm 26mm 29mm ≥160 ohm 100 MHz url Sold out