10 GHz LNB with PLL and TCXO

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Simply modification of the LNB with PLL and 25 MHz X-tal. With 1 ppm TCXO there is nice 10 GHz RX for tropo and satellite. You only need some receiver - SDR or classic.

Main functions:

⚠ NOTE: TCXO has got 1 ppm temperature stability and 2 ppm production frequency tolerance. It means that all pieces have got some small frequency offset. Depends on piece it is 0 to about 20 kHz. This is not a problem for SDR RX where you can set it in the software. For LNB with 432 MHz IF you have to calculate with this offset from TX frequency.


Set Includes:


OpenWEB RX at OL7M to Oscar 100 Satellite:



10 GHz LNB with TCXO and Bias Tee
rev 0.2 sch pcb Files254
POTY adapter STL file
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