openWSPR receiver

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Standalone WSPR receiver based on a design by Ondřej Menčík from the OK1RAJ DevTeam

The openWSPR receiver is a stand-alone HF receiver for WSPR. Just connect an antenna, internet and a DC power supply and you're ready to go! With this tiny receiver you can decode and relay WSPR messages to Since the entire project is open source, receivers can be easily reprogrammed to receive signals other than WSPR. The nanoPi board inside runs Raspbian OS and several user programs, which are automated by custom scripts, making the receiver completely maintenace-free.

Main features:

openWSPR Receiver WEB interface

Click HERE to try the interface on a real live receiver!


block diagram


openWSPR receiver board Schematic Eagle source GitLab
openWSPR receiver software Manual SD card image
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View and download the Shield Schematic and PCB Eagle CAD files,
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