QRO ferrite and iron powder cores for your professional project !


There are our own new ferrite and iron powder cores for QRO ununs in the Stack Matches, current baluns, phase shifters (4SQ), 90deg hybrid etc.

Cores are made from C10A material (BLUE) which is similar to -61 and -2 (RED) from Amidon.

QRO64-61 is almost the same size as FT240-61. Little bigger. This core can be use as unun for about 3,5kW in DX mode and about 2,5kW in the contest one. QRO64-2D-61 is two times higher. Thanks this it can simply handle 6kW in DX mode and 4kW in the contest one.

The biggest core is QRO89-2D-61. This core is 2 times higher than FT350-61. (compare the price) You can use this BIG core for 10kW+ applications.

The iron powder core QRO-T300-2D could be easily use for the high power ( 5kW RTTY ) 90deg hybrids in 4SQ, 2el vertical array etc. Also in high power PI L networks in 5kW+ PAs.

Picture Code Dimensions unun 1:2,25 / PH shifter
Compare size to the black core. What is Amidon FT240-61


Stack match 1-2

Stack match 1-3

4-SQ hybrid

4-SQ hybrid - 8 directions


IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: Due to Brexit, we sell/ship orders to UK only with total value higher than 159 Euro under DAP incoterm. Thanks for understanding. PayPal does not refund fees.
QRO64-61 1pc NO shipping 16 EUR 16 EUR

1pc + shipping 22.99 EUR 24.99 EUR
2pcs + shipping 39 EUR 42 EUR
4pcs + shipping 69 EUR 76 EUR
QRO64-2D-61 1pc NO shipping 27 EUR 27 EUR

1pc + shipping 35 EUR 38 EUR
2pcs + shipping 66 EUR 69 EUR
3pcs + shipping 92 EUR 95 EUR
4pcs + shipping 119 EUR 128 EUR
QRO89-2D-61 1pc NO shipping 54 EUR 54 EUR

1pc + shipping * 62 EUR 63 EUR
2pcs + shipping * 116 EUR 122 EUR
3pcs + shipping * 167 EUR 173 EUR
QRO-T300-2D 1pc NO shipping 24 EUR 24 EUR

1pc + shipping 30 EUR 32 EUR
2pcs + shipping 57 EUR 60 EUR
3pcs + shipping 81 EUR 84 EUR
* Weight of core 440g EU = Europe Outside EU = WORLD SH = shipping Prices incl. VAT 21%