RX preamp BOX with 2N5109 OK2ZAW

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This is very simply preamplifier BOX module with 2N5109 transistor based on W7IUV design. You can use it as high IP preamplifier for RX antennas (beverage, DHDL, flag etc). Gain is up to 18dB and there is also build in variable ATT. You can easy set the gain as high as you need! As well you can set right transistor bias with multi turn potentiometer. Two relays offer bypass switching if there is no power supply voltage. You can use external power supply connected to the box or the bias tee box for power over the coax.

Main functions:




The measured values

Gain 50 kHz to 1 MHz

Gain 1 MHz to 70 MHz

Input SWR, S11

Example with Bias-tee DC BOX and RX preamp BOX:


RX preamplifier BOX

RF adapters


RX preamp BOX module with 2N5109
Schematic and board pic sch brd
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