Antenna six to two (SIX2TWO) switch with dummy loads on ports by OK2ZAW

Can be controlled by:

remoteqth server band-decoder

Main functions:

Isolation example:

Do NOT forget to:

SO2R examples:

The measured values

VSWR TRX A to port 1

SWR of dummy load on NC port

Insert loss TRX A to 6

Isolation between A to B, NC ports

Isolation between A-4 and B-2

Isolation between A-1 and B-2


6 to 2 Antenna switch
main version 5.0-R pcb sch
interlock (FiFo) version 3 pcb sch
We believe open source is a better way of doing things.
View and download the Shield Schematic and PCB Kicad/Eagle CAD files,
LibreCAD .DXF, or Inkscape .SVG files.
The hardware designs are released under the
Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic

Third party software

by Larry K8UT, WEB page here

FreqEZ is a Do-It-Yourself hardware/software project that provides highly configurable Band Decoding and Remote Antenna Selection. For amateurs who use N1MM+ and DXLab logging software, FreqEZ will leverage those programs TCP/UDP broadcasts for antenna switching. For other amateurs, FreqEZ can connect to the BCD band outputs available from most transceivers. The FreqEZ software and is freely available to all hams, and consists of a pair of programs that run on the Windows and Raspberry Pi Raspbian operating systems. Watch a short (5 minutes) FreqEZ Overview video HERE