VHF-UHF-LNB Bias Tee in enclosure

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This is universal VHF/UHF/LNB Bias Tee box. Designed for Low Noise Amplifiers, buffer amps, LNB etc. Including protections at RF and also DC path. Variable Attenuator allows you to reduce signal when LNB or preamp has to high gain. RF limiter and resetable fuse protects against strong signals (transmitting into device). LED indicators show DC voltage ON and also when the voltage is over 18 V, LED indicates it. In the case of LNB it means switching from V-pol to H-pol.

Unlike other Bias Tees on the market, it includes an RF limiter to protect your RX from strong signals.

Main functions:

Technical parameters:

Frequency range:                50 to 1000 MHz 
Insertion loss:			typ. 3 dB (ATT to min.)
Impedance:                      50 or 75 Ohm
DC voltage:		       	+ 9 to + 24 V DC
DC voltage for LNB:		+12 V for Vertical polarization and  > 18 V for Horizontal 
DC current:		       	max. 500 mA  (el. fuse)
Variable Attenuator:            0 dB to NO signal
RF F connector:                 input + bias tee voltage
RF SMA connector:               output, DC isolated

Included in package:

Bias tee block diagram

Board inside

LNA, LNB Bias tee

LNA, LNB Bias tee

RF adapters

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