3d printed customized antenna rotator

Main features:


General view
All 3D preview
All gear 3D preview
Individual .STL parts
Gear 1 .STL [17,6 MB]699 3D preview
Gear 2 (3x) .STL [470 kB]577 3D preview
Gear 3 .STL [470 kB]510 3D preview
Gear 4 .STL [590 kB]552 3D preview
Gear 5 (need customize by axis motor) .STL [270 kB]594 3D preview
Motor mount (need customize by motor) .STL [314 kB]602 3D preview
Support 5mm .STL [65 kB]519 3D preview
Support 8mm .STL [80 kB]552 3D preview
Support 21mm .STL [80 kB]635 3D preview
Endstop .STL [56 kB]662 3D preview
Potentiometer gear .STL [335 kB]564 3D preview
Potentiometer mount .STL [140 kB]554 3D preview
Walls .STL [1,7 MB]609 3D preview
Drawing of 4 mm aluminium plate
Top .png .dxf648
Bottom .png .dxf623
Source ver 0.1691
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Rotating preview

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