4-way beverage antenna system with controller, BPFs and preamp

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This antenna consists of 2 x Bi-dir beverage sets, 4-way antenna switch and controller. That all allows you to have 4 directions beverage system with only one coax line to the controller. Controller could have internal optional PCB with 3 BPFs, preamp and protections. There is also RX ant switch for TRX which does not have input for RX antenna. More in manual.

Main functions:

Band Pass Filters characteristic:

160m BPF

80m BPF

40m BPF

Band Pass Filters characteristic with preamplifier:

160m BPF with preamp

80m BPF with preamp

40m BPF with preamp

BYPASS with preamp


Front panel sch pcb KiCAD102
Internal BPFs+preamp sch pcb KiCAD85
RX way switching sch pcb KiCAD128
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