4-way beverage antenna system with controller, BPFs and preamp

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This antenna consists of 2 x Bi-dir beverage sets, 4-way antenna switch and controller. That all allows you to have 4 directions beverage antenna system with only one coax line from field to the controller. Controller have got Bias Tee (AC/DC), HPF (kill AC noise), internal PCB with 3 BPFs, preamp and protections. There is also RX/TX RF switch for TRX which does not have input for RX antenna. More in manual.

K9AY++ older version

Main functions:

  • Low noise RX antenna system
  • Broadband 0,1 to 30 MHz
  • 4 directions beverage/K9AY
  • Small room for K9AY, larger for beverages
  • 50/75 Ohm feed line tolerants
  • Built-in Bias Tee AC/DC
  • PREAMP with variable gain 0 to 18 dB
  • Three switchable BPFs or BYPASS
  • RX protections and limiters in controller
  • RX source switch for TX and RX antenna

  • Controller

    Controller Block diagram:

    K9AY controller block diagram

    K9AY controller description

    Bi-dir beverage atenna - ONE coax output More: link

    4-way beverage switch More: link

    Example for controller with 4-way beverage system and simply K9AY loop antenna:


    Controller comparison:

    K9AY comparation

    Band Pass Filters characteristic:

    160m BPF

    80m BPF

    40m BPF

    Band Pass Filters characteristic with preamplifier:

    160m BPF with preamp

    80m BPF with preamp

    40m BPF with preamp

    BYPASS with preamp

    Option - Common-mode current choke to ham shack:

    Link to CMCC


    CMCC 1 to 3 port


    Manual page for versions: < 2022 > 2022
    Front Panel board rev. 2.3 sch pcb pcb
    Controller connector board rev. 3.2 sch pcb 266
    RX/TX switch board rev. 1.1 sch pcb 296
    Internal BPF and Preamp board rev. 1.3 sch pcb
    We believe open source is a better way of doing things.
    View and download the Shield Schematic and PCB Kicad/Eagle CAD files,
    LibreCAD .DXF, or Inkscape .SVG files.
    The hardware designs are released under the
    Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic