Classic single wire beverage antenna by OK2ZAW

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The beverage is a long wire antenna installed very close to the ground. The antenna should be longer than 1 wavelength and installed at a height of less than 0,05 wavelength above ground. The beverage is usually terminated in a resistance at the end (opposite the feedpoint).
Beverage antennas provide one of the least expensive and most reliable ways to improve DX capabilities on the low frequencies.

More nice informations at web by Bruce "Swede" K1FZ

Main functions:

Option - Common-mode current choke to hams hack:

Link to CMCC


CMCC 1 to 3 port

Schematic and measurement:

Feeder schematic

Terminator schematic

Terminator BOG



beverage feeder sch brd
Beverage terminator sch brd
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