Modular 7ANT RX switch with controller, up to 3 RX and REMOTE control

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This is modular 7 RX antenna switch. It allows you to use up to 7 independent RX antennas (beverages, Bi-dir beverages, RX loops etc.) to one, two or three RX (TRX). You can use just one board for single RX output or up to three boards for three independant RX. ALL outputs are wide-band, there is NO BPF in the way between ANT port and output. Also ANT ports could be open or connected to the 50 or 75 ohms dummy loads. Dummy loads could be isolated by simply LC BPF isolation. This is there for M/M setup with middle splitter box. You can use controller with BPFs and preamp. Front-end protections are built-in as well as RX way switching. You are able to share any antenna to any RX at different bands or different antennas at the same band at all outputs.

This is ideal solution for Single OP through SO2R to Multi-Multi, with up to 2 (3) independent RX per band!

Main functions:


Remote Control examples:

  • 7ANT controller must have remote input
  • Example of User Interfaces with our OLI IP 12 or REMOTIUS 64 controllers

  • remote control UI

    remote control UI

    Band Pass Filters characteristic:

    160m BPF

    80m BPF

    40m BPF

    Band Pass Filters characteristic with preamplifier:

    160m BPF with preamp

    80m BPF with preamp

    40m BPF with preamp

    BYPASS with preamp

    Option - Common-mode current choke to ham shack:

    Link to CMCC


    CMCC 1 to 3 port


    Manual in WiKi WiKi
    RF Switch board rev 0.2 sch pcb 197
    Controller front panel sch pcb
    Controller connector panel sch pcb
    Controller RX way switching sch pcb
    We believe open source is a better way of doing things.
    View and download the Shield Schematic and PCB Kicad/Eagle CAD files,
    LibreCAD .DXF, or Inkscape .SVG files.
    The hardware designs are released under the
    Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic

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    User review

  • Andreas, DK4WA @ DP9A: Your products are excellent! Your Modular 7 ANT RX switch system is working great @DP9A! I can also recommend your Single wire beverage/BOG antenna box. Very well manufactured and with very good options regarding the termination resistance and feedline impedance (50/75 Ohm). Also we (DP9A) successful use your Antenna one to two STACK MATCH.