Open Interface III

is open hardware for any Arduino code for running your own hack - also standart interface between transceiver and computer with keyer for Arduino based on K3NG code and many others.

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Last update: April 03 2018

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Main functions:

Block diagram III

Circuit III

Block diagram rev 2.6

Circuit rev 2.6

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Revision 3
v3.141 sch brd1   2565 pcb [20MB] kicad383 dxf.zip449 block
v3.14 sch brd pcb [17MB] kicad250 dxf.zip702 block
v3.1 sch brd pcb [17MB] kicad596 dxf.zip592 pic1   2   3
v3.0 sch brd pcb [16MB] kicad522 dxf.zip514 pic   panel
Arduino firmware
experimental code Last update: April 03 2018
3D print component
LCD mount l.stl980 r.stl876 .scad831 3D preview
Pot mount .stl684 .scad762 3D preview
Revision 2
v2.6 sch brd kicad1301
Arduino firmware
by K3NG source doc pins.h1567
v2.6 full.DXF1052 DXF4cutter1026 wiki
Design front-panel.svg sticker.svg
USB isolator view .scad1198 .stl1225 3D preview
We believe open source is a better way of doing things.
View and download the Shield Schematic and PCB Kicad/Eagle CAD files,
LibreCAD .DXF, or Inkscape .SVG files.
The hardware designs are released under the
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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