Production of the Open Interface has been discontinued, but you can build your own, based on the available source code.

Open Interface III

is open hardware for any Arduino code for running your own hack - also standart interface between transceiver and computer with keyer for Arduino based on K3NG code and many others.

Main functions:

Block diagram III

Circuit III

Block diagram rev 2.6

Circuit rev 2.6

Short menu intro


Revision 3
v3.141 sch brd1   2611 pcb [20MB] kicad551 .dxf742 block
v3.14 sch brd pcb [17MB] kicad379 dxf.zip373 block
v3.1 sch brd pcb [17MB] kicad365 dxf.zip384 pic1   2   3
v3.0 sch brd pcb [16MB] kicad343 dxf.zip353 pic   panel
Arduino firmware
3D print component
LCD mount l.stl804 r.stl751 .scad797 3D preview
Pot mount .stl645 .scad725 3D preview
Revision 2
v2.6 sch brd kicad402
Arduino firmware
by K3NG source doc pins.h815
v2.6 full.DXF386 DXF4cutter360 wiki
Design front-panel.svg sticker.svg
USB isolator view .scad671 .stl686 3D preview
We believe open source is a better way of doing things.
View and download the Shield Schematic and PCB Kicad/Eagle CAD files,
LibreCAD .DXF, or Inkscape .SVG files.
The hardware designs are released under the
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License