Simple aluminium 19-inch 2u rack case

Housing case for any project always takes a lot of time. Therefore created this simple rack case project, that contains no other hardware connecting material such (as bolts). Only laser carved 2mm strong aluminum sheet. After composed is fixed by bending the hinged hooks. That is all.


LibreCAD* files for multi rotator server
ver 4 19-inch x 2u (3.5") x 9.5" wiki
.zip full.DXF1478 DXF4cutter1357
Old version
ver 3 19-inch x 2u (3.5") x 9.5" wiki
Front side PDF1977 full.DXF1307 DXF4cutter1340
Back side PDF1438 full.DXF1193 DXF4cutter1234
Left and right side PDF1332 full.DXF1199 DXF4cutter1124
Top side PDF1384 full.DXF1214 DXF4cutter1180
Bottom side PDF1329 full.DXF1227 DXF4cutter1199
ver 2 19-inch x 2u (3.5") x 11.5" .ZIP1100
ver 1 19-inch x 2u (3.5") x 11.5" ZIP1091

* LibreCAD is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple and Linux.

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