OLI IP 16 - UNIVERSAL remote controller with 16 outputs

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This is IP controller designed as an universal 16 output with positive or negative output drivers. This box offers web based User Interface, Beam Map control or any other system (NodeRed, StreamDeck etc.) Including DC protection - electronic fuse. LAN port is 100 Mbit with double common-mode filter and high voltage protection. There is also PTT hot switch protection when needed.

Main functions:


Technical articles:

Included in package:


easy controller remote control

Example for remote control User Interface (UI)

UI controller remote control

UI controller remote control

UI controller remote control


  • There is a picture with connector description
  • You can find more information in Manual
  • There is positive output driver. There is supply voltage at the OUT when is activated.

  • antenna controller 4 to 1

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