Antenna six to two (SIX2TWO) RF switch MK2 for triplexer with also BCD inputs

Can be controlled by:

b6-2 easy controller
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This is universal antenna, filters or TRX switch. Version MK2 with higher isolation and new hazzard protection board. RF switch is designed for triplexes (diplexers), ports have got dummy loads. There are also BCD inputs with optocoupler isolators, high voltage protection and BCD is compatible with TTL logic and up to 15V DC. BCD data with voltage more than 13 V DC could directly supply relays.

Main functions:


Isolation example:

Do NOT forget to:

The measured values

Port 1 open, SWR of dummy load

A - 1 VSWR

B - 6 VSWR

A - B no selected

A - 1, B - 2

A - 1, B - 6


  • You can use 2 x 6 + GND = 13 wires (12 to 15 V DC)
  • You can use 2 x BCD (TTL) + GND + 13,8 V = 8 wires
  • You can use 2 x BCD (> 13 V) + GND = 7 wires

  • BCD inputs are compatible with OM-power and Microham BCD out
  • Compatible with OM-power amplifier Manual page 51 (ANT/BPF DB15)
  • Devices with the open collector needs external pull up resistors picture

  • The control voltage can range from 3 to 15 V. In case it is lower than 12V, the power supply for relay control (+12 V) must be connected. You need 5 wires for one TRX. If the BCD voltage is higher than 13 V, no additional voltage needs to be connected. 4 wires are needed (for each TRX). If you are using a long control cable, you can use the >12 V control BCD voltage and also connect >12 V to the +12V connector.

    6-2 BCD connection

    6-2 BCD connection

    6-2 BCD connection


    six-2-two diagram

    six-2-two diagram

    six-2-two BPF diagram

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    Third party software

    by Larry K8UT, WEB page here

    FreqEZ is a Do-It-Yourself hardware/software project that provides highly configurable Band Decoding and Remote Antenna Selection. For amateurs who use N1MM+ and DXLab logging software, FreqEZ will leverage those programs TCP/UDP broadcasts for antenna switching. For other amateurs, FreqEZ can connect to the BCD band outputs available from most transceivers. The FreqEZ software and is freely available to all hams, and consists of a pair of programs that run on the Windows and Raspberry Pi Raspbian operating systems. Watch a short (5 minutes) FreqEZ Overview video HERE