12x4 modular Antenna switch KIT - scalable on your terms

Can be controlled by:

remoteqth server band-decoder

Main functions:

Schematics rev 0.4

Measured values for several configuration

1 TRX ↓ 2 TRX ↓ 3 TRX ↓ 4 TRX ↓

TRX-1 to ANT-11 SWR

TRX-2 to ANT-8 SWR

TRX-3 to ANT-5 SWR

TRX-4 to ANT-2 SWR

TRX-1 to ANT-11
Insertion loss

TRX-2 to ANT-8
Insertion loss

TRX-3 to ANT-5
Insertion loss

TRX-4 to ANT-2
Insertion loss

TRX-1 to TRX-2 Isolation

TRX-1 to TRX-3 Isolation

TRX-1 to TRX-4 Isolation

TRX-2 to TRX-3 Isolation

TRX-2 to TRX-3 Isolation
3 open
(not connected to output)

New switch configurator


Inputs / Anntenas

Outputs / TRX

Switching current


rev 0.5 sch kicad164
rev 0.4 pcb-t pcb-b
pcb 3D
sch kicad164
DXF front241 2TRX-rear231 4TRX-rear260
PDF front255 sticker230
OK1CDJ 3x1
mini box
front.dxf236 rear.dxf208 .scad236
Closure unused hole 1.STL265 3.STL228
3D preview
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Users implementation photos

3x1 switch OK1CDJ

3x1 switch OK1CDJ

6x4 controller and switch EC5AN

6x3 switch G4BVY